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Don't Just Be A "Freight Broker''

Be Proud & Carry The Flag Of A Logistics Sales Professional...

  • Please Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

  • (It's NOT about moving freight -it's about Image, Credibility, & Brand...)

    What's THe MISSION?

    To Give YOU, The Logistics Sales Professional, The Vehicle YOU NEED To Make Over $1,000,000 A Year In GP...

    The Best Career You've Ever Had... 

    The logistics industry is the most fruitful industry for anyone willing to put in the work. The key is a constant drive to get better and learn the industry. Just like ANY career, it's about learning into the person you want to become.

    No one is born knowing how to reach success, we all learn into it...

    Part #1

    Help 10,000 Professional Sales Reps Hit $1,000,000 In Annual GP... 

    I've got a grade 9 education and have been able to hit, what I call the 1%er Club. That's when you generate over $1 Million in GP, in less than a calendar year... 

    Part #2

    Stay AHEAD Of Sales Shifts

    I still sell EVERYDAY and remain at the forefront of sales and negotiation strategy in supply chain. This is the ONLY way for any sls coach or trainer to remain at the top of their game! 

    Part #3

    Give The Professional Sales Rep EVER Tool To Make Their Dream, A Reality...

    Through our courses, swipe files, and live events, we strive to give you EVERY TOOL you'll ever need to navigate ANY of your client's supply chains...

    About Dan Deigan

    Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Me

     In case you don't know me already, my name is Dan Deigan.

    When I started in this industry at the ripe age of 17, there was no "official" training process. We all sat with other sales reps, never knowing if their strategies would help or hurt our overall success.

    This "incredibly sophisticated and strategic" sales training acted more like a game of Broken Telephone than training salespeople for long-term success. 

    Sick of the lack of training available (that actually produced results), I set out on a mission to get as much sales training as possible (and succeeding in finding the ideal method!). 

     And now, I want to share this method with as many reps as possible... so you can cut your learning curve and fast-track your results.

     No more wasted time, no more spinning your wheels...

    Numbers Prove The Results Inception Gets For Clients

    Our core program is Inception - The Starting Point Of All Achievement... 


    Hours Of Additional Training A Year 


    Gross Profit Generated Since Jan 2020


    Inception Clients Served

    See If Inception Is Right For You
    Discover The Strategy That's Helped Hundreds Change Their Lives...

    Here's What Some Clients Are Saying...

    Jose Pineda

    Houston, Texas

    Ryan Mohammed

    Pickering, Ontario

    "Inception is the only program you'll ever need

  • A FULL Year of coaching calls TWICE A WEEK... 

  • Inception - The BEST Sales Program in Logistics, hands DOWN.. 

  • Over $21,000.00 in bonuses and tools to help you CRUSH our sales...

  • Check Out Inception...

    "The 28-Day High-Performance Sales Challenge

  • 28 Days of fully immersive sales coaching and over $10,000.00 in Bonuses

  • Daily videos to help you move step-by-step

  • One pagers and daily worksheets to maximize performance and learning acceleration


    What Some Clients Have To Say

    Your Logistics Career Road Map...

    Step #1: Learn The Industry

    In the dynamic world of logistics, the role of sales professionals has never been more crucial.

    Companies are on the lookout for dedicated team members, those who can not only adapt to change but also help flatten the curve of transition, propelling the business towards success.

    Remember, none of this is achievable without your unwavering commitment to excellence.

    As a sales rep, your core mission is to empower a multitude of clients, guiding them to reach their objectives and soar beyond.


    Step #2: Identify Your Ideal Client

    Crafting a client profile isn't just a task; it's the master key in the world of sales. This tool arms you with deep insights, setting the stage for engaging conversations and turbocharging your deal-closing velocity.

    Imagine knowing exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it – that's the power of a well-built client profile.

    It's not just about starting conversations; it's about starting the right ones, swiftly steering towards success.

    (Even More Priceless)

    Step #3: Tools That Help - Not Hurt

    For three decades, immersed in the art of selling, and in the past ten years, I've shifted gears to empower sales reps to shatter their sales targets.

    Throughout the years, one glaring truth has emerged: even the most driven salespeople can falter when their systems aren't up to par.

    Imagine this: you're brimming with the drive, armed with the knowledge, and fueled by the determination to catapult your business into the seven or eight-figure realm.

    But here's the catch – if your systems are weak, your efforts will fall like a house of cards.

    Your system isn't just a tool; it's the backbone of your ambition. So, let's not just be salespeople; let's be sales warriors, with systems as our unbreakable armour.

    (The Linchpin Of Greatness)

    Step #4: Level Up Your Clients Life

    When you shift from thinking about commission to helping your clients achieve their goals, everything in your career will flourish. 

    Sell Something Else - Not Freight For Profit! 

    (Fortune = Goal Completion)

    So...What's The Catch?

    There is JUST ONE... YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! Yeah, it's not the most attractive sales pitch is it?

    Most trainers tell you things like...

    • All you need is a cell phone and a computer and you'll make millions

    • With this ONE course, you will be making a TON of cake in as little as a month

    • There IS a silver bullet and THEY HAVE IT... 

    • With their training, there is very little work and all upside!

    The fact is, it's work... BUT with the right tools and training, it's LESS WORK than you think... 

    "Dan was referred to me when I was looking for fresh ideas in coaching my sales team. It quickly became very clear to me just how easy this recommendation was passed on, as Dan is without a doubt, the most passionate and dedicated person I’ve met. When it comes to sales, Dan’s endless energy can motivate even the most stagnant of salespeople."


    Lori G

    Sales Manager

    "Dan Deigan has not only taught me how to become a better salesman, he has taught me how to become a better version of myself. I have grown a whole new confidence in my sales career and he has guided me on the path to success."

    Justin K

    Justin K

    VP Sales

    "The biggest portion of Dan’s training is his ability to tailor his training to the student. Along with this, he also allows you to feel like you’re in charge of where you would like your training to go. After all, it is your business you are building, and he very much understands that."

    Andrew K

    Andrew K

    Account Executive


    100% money-back guarantee for customers that purchase any program or training package. If you're not happy, simply send an email to [email protected] and your money will be refunded without question. 

  • Within 30 days from purchase

  • If you work the program and find NO value, we don't want your money

  • It will not cover:

  • A lack of personal effort

  • It doesn't work because I did nothing

  • Excuses on getting things done

  • Commission breath reps, looking for a SILVER BULLET

  • A Message From Dan Deigan

    Dan Deigan

    I am super excited and really honored that you, a smart sales rep in the world of logistics, are thinking of me to help you grow your business.

    It's like you've found a secret map to a treasure chest, and I'm here to guide you through this amazing journey! Imagine your business as a tiny seed. Right now, it might seem small, but with the right care, it can grow into a huge, strong oak tree.

    That's what I'm here to help you with – to make your business grow big and strong, just like that tree! In this place, you will find all the tools and training you need to generate over $1,000,000.00 a year in GP

    Think of it like your personal toolbox.

    There's everything from shiny hammers to strong screwdrivers – all the things you need to build something great. In our case, these tools are special lessons, live training, on on one coaching, resources (FREE) and tips that will help you sell more and make your business super successful.

    I know that the world of logistics selling and growing your business can sometimes feel like a giant puzzle. But don't worry! Together, we will find the right pieces and put them in the perfect spots.

    We will learn how to talk to customers in a way that makes them want to work with us, and find the best ways to make our business run smoothly. Remember, every big business started as a small idea.

    With hard work, learning, and a bit of fun along the way, you can turn your sales into a multi-million dollar business.

    I believe in you and your dream!

    So, are you ready to start this adventure? Let's turn your business into a shining star in the sky of success.

    I'm so thrilled to be a part of your journey and can't wait to see where we go together!

    Let's make something amazing happen!

    Best wishes,


    Your Cheerleader in Business Growth 

    Check Out My Training Packages
    Brian Biro America's Breakthrough Coach

    Brian Biro

    America's Breakthrough Coach

    "There are few forces on this earth more powerful than PASSION. And when passion is directed towards helping others unleash their best, it is truly unstoppable.

    Dan Deigan is the epidome of enthusiasm, wisdom, energy, and heart. With each session, you'll discover new pearls that can change your life and ignite you to lift all those around you.

    There is personal greatness within you. Let my good friend Dan Deigan teach you the secrets to let it shine!"

    Rico Racosky Just 2 Choices Author

    Rico Racosky

    Author Just 2 Choices

    "Dan Deigan is one of those people in the top one-half of one percent.

    Who is on fire about living, one fire about learning, and on fire about sharing his knowledge and success to help others grow exponentially.

    Top help them achieve their own personal greatness."

    Bob Burg International Best Selling Author

    Bob Burg

    International Best Selling Author

    "Dan Deigan has become one of today's top teachers in the success and personal development genre.

     Having gotten to know Dan, I continue to be more and more impressed, not only by his vast knowledge regarding the mechanics of success but also by his HUGE goal and desire to help others achieve THEIR goals and desires.

     Stick with Dan. You'll have a terrific coach and mentor!"

    © Dan Deigan / High-Performance Logistics Sales 2019

    High-Performance Is A Choice...