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Welcome to "The Matryxx" - YOUR Red Pill For 2024

the ultimate program designed to turn you into a logistics sales pro, ready to take on 2024 and beyond.

With 13 comprehensive courses, our program will help you catapult your sales career to new heights while improving your mental health and well-being.

But that's not all. Matryxx is not just a membership, it's the Netflix of sales logistics training. We'll deliver a new course every month, featuring special interviews with traffic managers and heads of companies and cutting-edge sales training courses designed to bring what's working in the industry to the forefront.

2024 is just around the corner, and the logistics sales industry is changing rapidly.

If you don't act now, you risk falling behind your competitors.

Don't let that happen. Invest in Matryxx today, and gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to succeed in the years to come.

Do you want to be the top sales pro in your company?

Do you want to learn the secrets that successful salespeople use to close deals and make more money?

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Matryxx is the answer you've been looking for.

What is Matryxx?

Matryxx is a comprehensive sales training program designed specifically for logistics sales professionals.

We've combined the latest research and industry practices to create a program that will help you build a successful career in sales.

Our program consists of 13 courses, each focusing on a different aspect of logistics sales. From understanding customer needs to closing deals, we cover everything you need to know to succeed in this industry. But we don't stop there.

We also provide ongoing support through monthly courses and special interviews with industry experts. This means you'll always be up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in logistics sales.

Why is Matryxx necessary for your sales career?

Real Time Sales Growth

2024 is just around the corner, and the logistics sales industry is changing rapidly.

Customers are becoming more demanding, and competition is increasing.

You must have the right skills, knowledge, and mindset to succeed in this environment.

Sales Health

Matryxx provides you with all of these things.

Our program will help you build a successful sales career while improving your mental health and well-being.

A successful sales career is about making money, enjoying what you do, and feeling fulfilled.

New Sales Techniques

With Matryxx, you'll learn how to:

- Understand customer needs and preferences

- Develop effective sales strategies

- Build long-term relationships with customers

- Overcome objections and close deals

- Manage your time effectively

- Build resilience and cope with stress

Get Into The Matryxx

What Will Matyxx Do For You? 

Help you with the skills that are essential for success in logistics sales for 2024, and they're all covered in our program. Plus, with ongoing support through monthly courses and special interviews, you'll always be on top of the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

Industry Exclusive Sales Training

All of the Matryxx programs are focused on LOGISTICS Sales and have ZERO fluff and filler content. It's PURE Sales GOLD! 

Ongoing Training

We have 2024 mapped out with new courses MONTHLY and interviews, specials, and member only sales training. 

Weekly Direct Access

Every Wednesday we go live with new strategies, trends, and innovative sales solutions... including tech and systems to free up your time, enhance your energy, and take you to your next-level career. 

The Matryxx Has You

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You're Starting To Believe

Here's What People Are Saying About Dan's Training

Justin K

Justin K

''The salesman I am today is a direct correlative of the guidance I have received from Dan on both a professional and a personal level.''

Ryan M

Ryan M

''I believe that continuous coaching is imperative for success, if Michael Jordan could have coaches in his peak and even in retirement, so should I. Dan is that coach for me''

Otillie H

Otillie H

''Dan's courses helped me move faster and close better clients, make more money, and grow my business with dedicated clients" 

X-Factor - C-Level Selling

Designed to help you knock down the walls, fear, and anxiety of calling on C-Levle people to get business. This course will give you a completely different perspective on how to solicit prospects at the highest levels of ANY COMPANY... Fortune 100s - Watch OUT!! 

  • Get a complete understanding of ALL C-Level prospects mindset 

  • Templates, tools, and videos to help you pitch ANY C-Level prospect regardless of company size

  • Email templates to simply cut and paste to start selling. 

  • Unlock the secrets most never reveal about C-Level clients and their desired outcomes, so you can get right to the point and sell with confidence

  • Learn the way that best suits you

    We know everybody learns in a different way - that's why we want to help you

    X-Facotr C-Level Selling

    The Q-C-ESP Cold Call Formula $197.00 Value

    This High-Performance Logistics Sales Exclusive Program give you a simple, paint by the numbers way to make cold calls, keeping YOU in charge nad moving forward with EVERY interaction you have. 

    Never again will you be lost on a call, video conference, or meeting. This program gives you tools, workbooks, and training to remian in charge of your prospecting.

    Welcome To The Construct

    28-Day High-Performance Challenge $297.00 Value

    Walk through a Step-By-Step process to transform your business in 28-Day with this High-Performance Sales Challenge. Everyday you watch a video and complete the tasks. Once you're done, you'll have a complete sales ecosystem and you'll be ready to build an unstoppable business. 

    Ignorance Is Bliss Or Is It?
    28-Day High-Performance Sales Challenge
    Rerence Letter Mastery

    Reference Letter Mastery - Get The #1 Salesperson On The Planet Selling FOR YOU!

    $197.00 Value

    Enlist the BEST SALESPERSON you know to sell for you... Your Customers! So many reps (Maybe you) don't fully grasp the power of reference letter, furthermore, they lack the skills to sell with them, request them, and categorize them form maximum impact. 

    Not anymore, with Reference Letter Mastery, you'll be collecting powerful reference letters that will do the selling for you! 

    What Is the Matryxx?

    Inception - The #1 Sales Program In Logistics

  • Designed to catapult your results in as little as 90-days

  • Transform your sales and sales processes into a machine that will work long-term and deliver results in our ever-changing environment!

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  • This is a paragraph, click here to edit. Use this paragraph to give people more information. It's simple to edit.

  • X-Facotr C-Level Selling

    The 30-Day Plan

    $297.00 Value

    Multi-million dollar producers share their EXACT plans they would put into action if they woke up one morning and LOST all their business, contacts, and knowledge. Leaving them with just a computer, internet and a phone... The question they answer is WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS IN 30-DAYS? 

    Get Matryxx Now

    The Four Pillars Of Personal Greatness $497.00 Value

    Discovering your PERSONAL GREATNESS is essential in your growth journey. Incorporating sales with your best self is the ONLY direction to massive career development. In The Four Pillars Of Personal Greatness, you'll discover the ideal way to scale you mind and body, with your career... 

    See How Far The Rabbit Hole Goes
    28-Day High-Performance Sales Challenge
    Rerence Letter Mastery

    Follow-Up Between Follow-Up Mastery $297.00 Value

    Always stay in front of your prospects and customers with this exclusive training that helps you craft messages, set them on autopilot and get them in front of your prospects to keep you fresh and relevant in their minds and thoughts. Giving you total visibility even months later. 

    There is NO Spoon...

    The Sales Accelerator Package $497.00 Value

    Ready to accelerate your sales to an entirely new stratosphere? Then the Sales Accelerator Package is where to start. We've looked atht etop tolls, strategies, and processes that move the needle to most and put them into a single package fro yuor growth and success. 

    Follow The White Rabbit
    Sales Accelerator Package

    The High-Performance Logistics Sales Summit $197.00 Value

    Join over 20 guests, salespeople, traffic managers, and asset based carriers for a full day DEDICATED to the logistics sales pro. All panels, conversations, and interviews were designed to help sales reps see more into the minds of their suppliers and customers...

    Giving you the edge on your competition.

    Get into The Matryxx Today


    PLUS New Courses Added Monthly... All For ONLY $67.00 Per month! 

    Reverse Engineered Logistics

    January 2024

    Reverse Engineered Logistics

    This course is structured to give you actionable insights and practical techniques.

    Each lesson is a stepping stone towards your goal of becoming a logistics sales superstar by reversing the sales process. 

    📈 Results You Can Expect:

    • Increased prospect engagement
    • Enhanced qualification skills
    • Faster deal closures
    • Higher profits

    February 2024

    Video Message Mastery

    Take a deep dive into video mastery... 

    This course will help you 

    • Become confident in front of your camera.
    • Give you simple, easy to execute frameworks to create engaging videos in minutes.
    • Easy to do guides to help you set up, create, and deliver video messages to your prospects and clients. 
    • The tools and software I use to help me engage prospects at the highest levels. 

    At the end of this course, you will be a video legend, regardless of how you feel about video right now. 

    Video Message Mastery
    Building A Personal Brand

    March 2024

    Building A Personal Brand Leading To Gigantic Sales

    In today's fast paced business environment, our ability to build a personal brand is essential in overall sales growth and career development. 

    Today, attention matters and how you gain that attention is even more important. 

    • Gain social skills to get more engagement
    • Sell something OTHER than freight
    • Build a following that leads to business, not just a few likes. 
    • Create a sales agent to work while you sleep. 

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