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About Dan

Dan Deigan

Dan Deigan is a testament to the transformative power of ambition and knowledge in logistics and transportation.

With a journey spanning over two decades since 1996, Dan has navigated through asset-based logistics, third-party logistics, and warehouse roles, amassing a wealth of experience and insights.

His trajectory took a soaring ascent in 2010 when he channelled his extensive background to fuel personal and professional growth, marking the onset of a period when his sales figures began to skyrocket.

As Dan transitioned into the trainer role, he discovered his true calling lay in empowering sales personnel to optimize their performance and accelerate sales timelines.

His unique perspective, viewing the logistics industry as the catalyst of our economy, resonated profoundly with his trainees, igniting a passion for the field and a deeper understanding of its impact. In 2019, Dan founded High-Performance Logistics Sales, a venture that reflects his enduring commitment to elevating the sales prowess within the logistics industry.

Under his guidance, the initiative has already propelled hundreds of sales representatives towards achieving eight figures in commissions, shattering their beliefs about the limits of success within the logistics and supply chain industry.

Dan's relentless exploration of success dynamics led him to dissect the modus operandi of top performers in the field, adopt productive strategies, and discard the redundant.

This analytical approach bore fruit, manifesting in the creating of "Bridger" - a cutting-edge logistics software tailored for the modern logistics professional.

As the founder of Bridger, Dan Deigan has now embarked on a mission to streamline the logistics processes further through Bridger's exclusive features and functions like a follow-up structure to eliminate lost leads, automation to help reps do more with less time, organization to ensure each members gets their days mapped out in seconds avoiding procrastination and confusion, and even AI to help move the needle during creative blocks and bad days, ensuring that the industry's professionals get equipped with the best tools to thrive in a competitive market.

Dan Deigan is a seasoned logistics professional dedicated to helping high performers excel in their careers and find fulfillment in the logistics and supply chain industry. Through his books, speeches, and innovative software solutions, Dan remains a driving force for positive change and boundless growth in logistics 

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Dan's Been Featured In